Hunting Buddies

A story of long-time hunting buddies pursuit of a massive typical 10. This is a wonderful story of two friends and hunting buddies who team up to track down one of the biggest typical 10-point Whitetail Bucks they have ever taken.This film features Daniel…

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The Perfect Velvet Buck

It's the opening day of bow season in Kentucky, and Homegrown Experience team member Glenn Eilers had success on a beautiful, mature whitetail in full velvet. While others hunting that day faced challenges due to unpredictable winds and variable storms, Glenn seemed to have…

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8-Yard Bow Kill

With a long Kentucky Deer Season ending, Austin Musselman has been targeting three mature deer and connects on one, making for one of the most exciting hunts of his life. This dear has been named "Little Glenn," and he eluded Austin on previous hunts…

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Snowflake Falls

In September 2020, the Mossy Oak cameras joined Homegrown Experience for the opening weekend of the Kentucky archery season. Austin Musselman was able to close the chapter on a unique white velvet buck with which he and other hunters had plenty of history over…

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