The scouting, habitat improvement, education, practice, preparation, and planning can be as much fun as the hunt. We learn, share, and expand our knowledge as we lead up to the next hunt.


Homegrown Experience will share engaging hunting and fishing adventures from experts and novices from all parts of the country, and around the world.


Although we love our time in the outdoors, our need for sustenance and healthy food, and time with friends and family rounds-out the hunting and fishing  experience.

"There are some who can
live without wild things,
and some who cannot."
Aldo Leopold
author, conservationist

Trophy Bucks and Coyotes

Homegrown Experience Episode 14, we follow along with Austin Musselman as he spends weeks chasing after three specific mature Whitetails.  The determination to hunt day after day does not always guarantee you will earn the right to have a shot at a trophy Whitetail.  Sometimes Mother Nature has her own agenda. Click on this video and join in the hunt.

Chasing Monster Mule Deer in Utah

In this episode, Austin Musselman of Homegrown Experience and his good friend Bill Mudd head to Utah in search of giant Mule Deer with Wild Country Outfitters. They spend multiple days searching thousands of acres of Utah mountains for that trophy of a lifetime. Video and editing by good friend Brandon Pendergrass.

Surprise Buck During Kentucky Youth Deer Season

Kentucky youth deer season is a time for young hunters to learn valuable lessons and skills. We are all guilty of using our phones to pass the time when the action is slow and a lot of time the action slips up on us without us even knowing it. Ford Musselman of Homegrown Experience has put many trophy deer on the ground at such a young age but this time, he learns a lesson we all can take notes on and learn from.

The Highs and Lows of Bowhunting

Glenn Eilers of Homegrown Experience has been bow hunting his entire life. He has harvested countless mature whitetails with a bow and is also a dedicated bow tech. Glenn has also been hunting long enough to know that no matter how much you practice and try to prepare…you’re going to have those days that haunt you forever. In this video Glenn shares some of his favorite things about bow hunting as well as one of his worst days in the field.

Growing Mature Whitetails and so much more with Lee Lakosky

In this Homegrown Experience Podcast, Austin Musselman, Glenn Eilers, and Field Hudnall talk whitetails with Lee Lakosky from the “Crush TV with Lee and Tiffany”.

Traditional Archery with Tom Jenkins

Homegrown Experience’s Field Hudnall and Glenn Eilers sit down with Zipper Bow’s owner and bowyer, Tom Jenkins, to discuss the finer aspects of traditional bows and bowhunting.

Whether you are new to bow hunting or a seasoned archer, there is something for you as Tom and Glenn explore the finer point of traditional bow hunting, touching on tuning, training, hunting, and the natural draw to this pure sport.

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