The scouting, habitat improvement, education, practice, preparation, and planning can be as much fun as the hunt. We learn, share, and expand our knowledge as we lead up to the next hunt.


Homegrown Experience will share engaging hunting and fishing adventures from experts and novices from all parts of the country, and around the world.


Although we love our time in the outdoors, our need for sustenance and healthy food, and time with friends and family rounds-out the hunting and fishing  experience.

"There are some who can
live without wild things,
and some who cannot."
Aldo Leopold
author, conservationist

Big Kentucky Buck Falls

This is a wonderful story of two friends and hunting buddies (Daniel Klingenfus and Field Hudnall ) as they pursue one of the biggest typical 10-point Whitetail Bucks they have ever taken.

Alaskan Steelhead Adventure

Follow along as the Homegrown Experience crew visits southeast Alaska for exceptional Steelhead fly fishing.

Big Kentucky Buck Falls

Bluegrass musician Arthur Hancock and Casey Stockton run-and-gun after season gobblers on the opening day of the season. 

Making Memories with Good Friends

Hunting rabbits on the farm has always been a family tradition and a great way to reconnect with family and friends. On this hunt, Austin, Ford, and Glenn are joined by Dustin Perry and Josh Bramble, who brought their well-trained beagles. 

Podcast Session with Whitetail Edge’s Ben Rising

Ben Rising and Dylan from Whitetail Edge drop in on the Homegrown Experience team while waiting out some storms during the early bow season in Kentucky. Ben and Austin Musselman, longtime hunting friends, sit down in the Homegrown Experience studio to share whitetail knowledge. The collective crew, including HGE’s Todd Carter and Glenn Eilers, show their passion and exchange their knowledge of all aspects of whitetail hunting for everyone to share.

Fly Fishing For Giant Wild Trout in Wyoming

In this episode of Homegrown Experience, Austin, Field, and company link up with Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Woody Platt (@woodyplatt) for a couple of days on the water in Wyoming. HGE is proud to present a NEW season of episodes following Austin Musselman, Field Hudnall, and friends. Episodes are dropping every month.

Growing Mature Whitetails and Much More with Lee Lakosky

In this Homegrown Experience Podcast, Austin Musselman, Glenn Eilers, and Field Hudnall talk whitetails with Lee Lakosky from the “Crush TV with Lee and Tiffany”.

Traditional Archery with Tom Jenkins

Homegrown Experience’s Field Hudnall and Glenn Eilers sit down with Zipper Bow’s owner and bowyer, Tom Jenkins, to discuss the finer aspects of traditional bows and bowhunting.

Whether you are new to bow hunting or a seasoned archer, there is something for you as Tom and Glenn explore the finer point of traditional bow hunting, touching on tuning, training, hunting, and the natural draw to this pure sport.

Triple Kill on Osceola Long Beards

In this Homegrown Experience episode, Austin Musselman, Dane Ralph, and Field Hudnall meet up in central Florida turkey camp to chase Osceola Longbeards. Turkey camp is a place every turkey hunter looks forward to, and 2021 was no exception. In this video, the guys put on the miles to “Run and Gun” a wise old Osceola but the highlight of their trip is when they get the chance to shoot an Osceola Triple. 

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