The scouting, habitat improvement, education, practice, preparation, and planning can be as much fun as the hunt. We learn, share, and expand our knowledge as we lead up to the next hunt.


Homegrown Experience will share engaging hunting and fishing adventures from experts and novices from all parts of the country, and around the world.


Although we love our time in the outdoors, our need for sustenance and healthy food, and time with friends and family rounds-out the hunting and fishing  experience.

"There are some who can
live without wild things,
and some who cannot."
Aldo Leopold
author, conservationist

Handful of Velvet

In the 2016 election year, Austin Musselman targeted a deer they aptly named Trump. Sit in the stand and learn some useful tips on managing a new stand, stand placement, and observing deer behavior from the tree. You’ll enjoy this hunt as another world-class velvet whitetail falls at the hands of the Homegrown Experience team.

Growing Mature Whitetails and so much more with Lee Lakosky

In this Homegrown Experience Podcast, Austin Musselman, Glenn Eilers, and Field Hudnall talk whitetails with Lee Lakosky from the “Crush TV with Lee and Tiffany”.

Run-and-gun Turkey Hunting 101

In this video, veteran turkey hunters Austin Musselman and Field Hudnall explain the critical components of a successful run-and-gun style turkey hunt.

Silent Longbeards (How to Hunt)

Sometimes you have to make a choice between Run N’ Gun or sit and wait. The most successful turkey hunter is the one that can adjust his hunting style to the situation.

Hunting Florida Osceola – Part 1

In part one of a two part series, Austin Musselman and Field Hudnall of Homegrown Experience is in Florida hunting Florida for the highly coveted Osceola Turkey. Field and Austin are up for a hunt they will never forget.

Episode 4:

2019 Waterfowl Season Highs and Lows

In this episode, Homegrown Experience host Field Hudnall is joined by his business partner and brother Clay Hudnall and long time friend and hunting buddy Jason Bowlin. Follow along as they summarize and discuss the highs and lows of this past waterfowl season as well as the challenges they faced.

Episode 2:

Hunting, Fishing and Art with Peter Agardy

Austin Musselman, Field Hudnall, and Dane Ralph sit down and chat with a professional artist, outdoorsman, and creator of Florida Camo Peter Agardy. Peter talks about what it’s like growing up as an outdoorsman and an artist.

Episode 1:

Ronnie Fields on Hunting Deer and Chasing Marlin

In this episode, Austin Musselman, Field Hudnall, and Dane Ralph are joined by special guest and world-renowned Marlin fisherman Ronnie Fields. Recording in Kentucky during the opening weekend of the Kentucky archery deer season, the guys talk with Ronnie about events in his life that led him to become one of the most successful Marlin fishermen in the world.

In Velvet

Hunting goes much deeper than letting the bowstring fly. Homegrown is a process, the planning, the planting, the scouting, the tuning & training. It’s the satisfaction of building something from nothing and harvesting a deer that you have watched mature over the years. 

Glenn E. tells the story of how he and a close group of friends followed a deer 6+ years as he has matured. This video touches on their believes, insight, and purposeful early season tactics to out-smart him. 

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