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Podcast Session with Whitetail Edge’s Ben Rising

Ben Rising and Dylan from Whitetail Edge drop in on the Homegrown Experience team while waiting out some storms during the early bow season in Kentucky. Ben and Austin Musselman, longtime hunting friends, sit down in the Homegrown Experience studio to share whitetail knowledge. The collective crew, including HGE’s Todd Carter and Glenn Eilers, show their passion and exchange their knowledge of all aspects of whitetail hunting for everyone to share. 

Ben Rising is a forester by trade and the founder of Whitetail Edge, a fast-growing community of die-hard whitetail hunters. Dylan, Ben, and their team members share their hunting stories and knowledge with their loyal audience. 

In this episode, they delve into all aspects of hunting, from the old days of deer scouting to some modern technology, tips, tricks for land management, and suggestions on how to find and pattern deer. 

Check out this session and share it with other like-minded hunters. For more information on Whitetail Edge, check them out at

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