Shed Hunting Podcast

Austin Musselman and Todd Carter dive deep into the art of shed hunting. They cover tips, tricks, and strategies about finding deer antler sheds, regardless if you are a seasoned hunter trying to manage your herd or looking for a new hobby. Austin and…

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8-yard Bow Kill on a Huge Kentucky Whitetail

Austin Musselman and cameraman Field Hudnall document their pursuit of this mature whitetail at the end of a long Kentucky deer season. Austin has been chasing three specific mature deer, and he finally catches up to one, which turns out to be the most…

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Surprise Buck During Kentucky Youth Deer Season

Kentucky youth deer season is a time for young hunters to learn valuable lessons and skills. We are all guilty of using our phones to pass the time when the action is slow and a lot of time the action slips up on us…

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Handful of Velvet

In the 2016 election year, Austin Musselman targeted a deer they aptly named Trump. Sit in the stand and learn some useful tips on managing a new stand, stand placement, and observing deer behavior from the tree. You'll enjoy this hunt as another world-class…


Back-to-back World-class Bucks

As a bowhunter have you ever had your bow break just hours before getting into the stand on opening day of deer season knowing you might possibly have a shot at harvesting the largest typical frame Whitetail of your life? Homegrown Experience's very own…


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