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Shed Hunting Podcast

Austin Musselman and Todd Carter dive deep into the art of shed hunting. They cover tips, tricks, and strategies about finding deer antler sheds, regardless if you are a seasoned hunter trying to manage your herd or looking for a new hobby. Austin and Todd have decades of experience and uncover all aspects of shed hunting, including the time of year, gear and equipment, and tactics to find a newly dropped bone in the woods. After listening to this podcast, you will be educated and excited to get out in the fields and hills and learn about the land while also getting exercise in search of dropped antlers.

Other topics include: Finding sheds on south-facing slopes, big deer drop first, beat the squirrels, get out before green-up for better success, deadheads, gearing up, walking the grid, look for shapes, tines up or down, using shed dogs burnt bone, hike miles for piles.

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