You are currently viewing How to Call and Buddy Hunt Eastern Wild Turkeys

How to Call and Buddy Hunt Eastern Wild Turkeys

Our very own Dane Ralph takes a break from Sport Fishing to travel to Kentucky to chase Eastern Longbeards. Dane is a professional sport fisherman and first mate on the Old. No 7 tournament fishing boat. Dane is also a spear fisherman and free dive instructor. He has shown people some of the best fishing adventures the ocean offers, and now he will experience his first run-and-gun style turkey hunt on a wise old Eastern Gobbler. Joining him is our very own Field Hudnall, who will be calling and running the camera. Field’s favorite type of hunting is run-and-gun-style turkey hunting. Austin Musselman and Dane Ralph have shown Field all about Osceola Turkey Hunting and Monster Wahoo in the Bahamas, and now it’s Field’s turn to call up a monster Eastern right into Dane’s lap.

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