Calling in the Unpredictable Longbeards

In this episode, our very own Dane Ralph and Field Hudnall are going after a very unpredictable Longbeard.  They have been scouting a couple of birds that do something different every day. They decide to slip in close, call aggressively and make the birds…

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How to Call and Buddy Hunt Eastern Wild Turkeys

Our very own Dane Ralph takes a break from Sport Fishing to travel to Kentucky to chase Eastern Longbeards. Dane is a professional sport fisherman and first mate on the Old. No 7 tournament fishing boat. Dane is also a spear fisherman and free…

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Shed Hunting Podcast

Austin Musselman and Todd Carter dive deep into the art of shed hunting. They cover tips, tricks, and strategies about finding deer antler sheds, regardless if you are a seasoned hunter trying to manage your herd or looking for a new hobby. Austin and…

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Emotional Roller Coaster Gobbler

Field Hudnall of Field Proven Calls and Homegrown Experience is hunting with young hunter and friend, Peyton Snyder. The two are running and gunning on the steep ridges of Kentucky. Turkey Hunting is an emotional roller coaster and this hunt is a prime example…

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Long Range Long Beards

In this Homegrown Experience Turkey hunt, Austin Musselman and Field Hudnall, Run and Gun after a group of Longbeards that are frequenting a place that is very special to Austin and his family. The group of mature longboards are wary and have hens but…

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Standing Tall for a Spring Gobbler

Field Hudnall and his brother Clay go after a Spring Gobbler at first light. They have a great hide but their setup proves to be much more uncomfortable than they originally planned. The Gobbler is hot for the hen but he hangs way back…

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