Podcast Session with Whitetail Edge’s Ben Rising

Ben Rising and Dylan from Whitetail Edge drop in on the Homegrown Experience team while waiting out some storms during the early bow season in Kentucky. Ben and Austin Musselman, longtime hunting friends, sit down in the Homegrown Experience studio to share whitetail knowledge.…

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Shed Hunting Podcast

Austin Musselman and Todd Carter dive deep into the art of shed hunting. They cover tips, tricks, and strategies about finding deer antler sheds, regardless if you are a seasoned hunter trying to manage your herd or looking for a new hobby. Austin and…

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Smoked Wild Turkey Breast

This video is proof that if you take certain steps, you almost can't mess up Smoked Turkey breast. In this video, Field Hudnall of Homegrown Experience and Field Proven Calls decides to smoke the breast of one of his Kentucky Spring gobblers, and like…

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Traditional Archery with Tom Jenkins of Zipper Bows

Homegrown Experience's Field Hudnall and Glenn Eilers sit down with Zipper Bow's owner and bowyer, Tom Jenkins, to discuss the finer aspects of traditional bows and bowhunting. Glenn is Homegrown Experience's bow mechanic and has been shooting compound and traditional bows most of his…

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2019 Waterfowl Season Highs and Lows

Field and Clay Hudnall, along with Jason Bowlin, break down the 2019 Waterfowl Season. In this episode Homegrown Experience host Field Hudnall is joined by his business partner and brother Clay Hudnall as well as long time friend and hunting buddy Jason Bowlin. The…


Ronnie Fields, Chasing Marlin

An interview with Ronnie, after taking his first buck in velvet. In this episode, Austin Musselman, Field Hudnall, and Dane Ralph are joined by special guest and world-renowned Marlin fisherman Ronnie Fields. Recording in Kentucky during the opening weekend of the Kentucky archery deer…

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