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2019 Waterfowl Season Highs and Lows

Field and Clay Hudnall, along with Jason Bowlin, break down the 2019 Waterfowl Season.

In this episode Homegrown Experience host Field Hudnall is joined by his business partner and brother Clay Hudnall as well as long time friend and hunting buddy Jason Bowlin. The guys are recording this podcast in the Field Proven Calls call shop as they summarize and discuss the highs and lows of this past waterfowl season as well as challenges they faced.

Other topics include: Why Call shops are so messy, boat blind designs that we love as well as “Brushin’ Bowlin’s” best advice for brushing in a duck blind. The advantages of hunting with a core group – hunting multiple blind boats – not using dogs in abnormally dangerous water – switching to a 20 gauge for ducks and geese – smashing fingers and game wardens – how duck hunters always see the positive side of boat motor trouble.

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