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Hunting, Fishing and Art with Peter Agardy

Artwork is for the birds…as well as fish, deer and camouflage.

Austin Musselman, Field Hudnall, and Dane Ralph sit down and chat with a professional artist, outdoorsman, and creator of Florida Camo, Peter Agardy. Peter talks about what its like growing up as an outdoorsman and an artist.

You can check out his work at

Topics include:

  • Leaving the family during a hurricane to go deer hunting.
  • The decision to create your own camo pattern and using it for hunting Whitetails and Osceolas in Florida.
  • The opportunity to spray paint the Fort Lauderdale airport with flying fish, bald eagles, and American flags.
  • Using art to have a better appreciation for hunting and fishing and the difference between photos, video, and reality.
  • Put the damn phone and camera down and experience life.
  • Comparing goose calling to art and how to deal with criticism in life.
  • The difference in deer rut patterns between Florida and Kentucky.
  • Florida deer management strategies and comparing alligators to squirrels.
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