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Ronnie Fields, Chasing Marlin

An interview with Ronnie, after taking his first buck in velvet.

In this episode, Austin Musselman, Field Hudnall, and Dane Ralph are joined by special guest and world-renowned Marlin fisherman Ronnie Fields. Recording in Kentucky during the opening weekend of the Kentucky archery deer season, the guys talk with Ronnie about events in his life that led him to become one of the most successful Marlin fishermen in the world and what it takes to break multiple world records in the offshore sportfishing arena.

Topics include:

  • Growing up to become one of the most successful Marlin fishermen in the world.
  • Breaking world records and fishing on “The Big Oh”.
  • Slinging pointed sticks at animals.
  • The similarities between hunting and fishing.
  • Blue Marlin fishing the world and how catching a 1000+ lb Blue Marlin is like killing a 200-inch Whitetail.
  • Blue Marlin Fishing from a catfisherman’s prospective and how sometimes catfishermen use heavier line than offshore fishermen.
  • Marlin fishing with 6 lb. test line and the ol’ bait and switch.
  • Freaky baby heads.
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