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Welcome to Homegrown Experience

What started as a passion, became a lifestyle. Then a Podcast.

We want to welcome you to Homegrown Experience.

Our passion is hunting and fishing, and we want to share new ideas, techniques, and stories that will fire your passion for the outdoors.

The concept of “Homegrown” started from the efforts of a few likeminded Kentucky sportsman’s efforts to convert an overworked cattle farm into a hunting paradise. Just east of Louisville, and in little less than a decade, these guys put in the sweat equity to grow state record mature whitetail. However, the more we thought about their story, we realized this is just one story out of many. We intend to reach out to different regions and tap into expert outdoorsman, both known and unknown, to share their experiences with you.

It is said that “knowledge is power,” and we want to share the knowledge so we all can be better stewards of the sport and the environment. To conserve habitat, enjoy our natural resources and open hunting and fishing to other individuals so they can create their Homegrown Experiences.


To celebrate and share the unique outdoor culture of individuals from different regions of the country. Experience hunting and fishing through their eyes and perspective and explore the life experiences that brought them to where they are today. Share knowledge, tips, and ideas that we can all use to make our outdoor experience more enjoyable and meaningful.